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Dulhan Team

Sumit Arya Founder/CEO, Dulhan Inc.

Founder of 'Dulhan Inc.' and 'International Association of South Asian Wedding Professionals', Sumit Arya with his proven skills, knowledge and talent, has taken the Global South Asian Wedding Industry by storm. Arya came to the U.S for higher education after receiving his first Bachelors in Biology in India, and than completed his second Bachelors with a double major in Photography and Publishing from City College of New York. He was one of the top 3 Wedding Photographers and Wedding Planners for 10 years, before he launched his brand of Bridal Shows 'DulhanExpo' in 2003.

Today 'DulhanExpo' is the World's Largest, Most Renowned and Most Comprehensive South Asian Bridal Show. Dulhan Inc. recently launched 'Dulhan Radio' and 'South Asian Model', with 'DulhanTravel.com', 'Dulhan Plaza' and a complete 'Wedding Planning Division' on the horizon, and 'Dulhan Magazine' & 'Dulhan TV' not too far behind. At this point it would be safe to say, "Dulhan Inc. is the Largest South Asian Bridal Company in the world."



Karamjit Bhinder Official Fashion Show Producer, Dulhan Inc.

Karamjit Bhinder is a student at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City & an Internationally Renowned Fashion Designer. He joined Dulhan Inc. in 2005 and has since been creating magic on the runways of DulhanExpos through his coordination & choreography. Karamjit also adds his most exquisite Desi-Western Fusion Masterpieces to each DulhanExpo's line-up. His line is called 'KB' and he describes his designs as 'elegance with an edge'.

With his talent and creativity, Karamjit brings to each DulhanExpo the elegance it needs, from selecting and training the models, being on point with make-up, and directing the catwalk. Karamjit, time after time, proves that his skills are irreplaceable and Dulhan Inc. is proud and honored to have his priceless talents on board. Karamjit is also a partner in the new 'South Asian Model', an in-house modeling agency of Dulhan Inc.



Freddy Alvarez Official Photographer, Dulhan Inc.

Freddy Alvarez has been one of the top Wedding Photographers in the Desi Community since 1991. Alvarez worked with Sumit Arya as his photography partner for 10 years, before Arya steered his wheels towards DulhanExpo organization. Even though Freddy hails originally from Equador, but his knowledge of Desi Wedding Customs and Rituals is incomparable. Alvarez's control over photography techniques is very strong, and his talents very versatile, especially due to his work experience at photo labs.

Today he photographs Desi Weddings on a freelance basis for himself and other studios. He also freelances with various sports and fashion magazines. He is one of the Model Portfolio Photographers for the modeling agency 'South Asian Model'. He is the Official Photographer for Dulhan Inc., where he has photographed all 27 DulhanExpos and the upcoming Dulhan Magazine's Fashion Spreads & Covers. Freddy is not just an employee but regarded as an elder brother by Sumit.



Ammara 'Soni' Hossain Public Relations Manager, Dulhan Inc.

Ammara Hossain pursued her B.S. in Psychology at NYU. A huge fashion designing buff, Ammara joined Dulhan Inc. as a coordinator/promoter for DulhanExpos in 2003. She supervised street promotions, spearheaded online promotions and was complete in-charge of the Registration Area, Backstage and Vendor Coordination for the Long Island, NY shows for four years.

She moved to Virginia two years ago and now is Dulhan Inc.'s Public Relations Manager. She efficiently and competently promotes and markets the expo to the potential vendors, media and attendees alike via data processing, market research and online networking.